Summer – Autumn Season

Kia Ora,

What a summer in Wānaka! Colourful flower displays are all out in the 15 gardens of our guided garden tours. We have had about one tour per week since the start of the season. All participants have enjoyed it, the guests, the gardeners and me of course!

I love sharing gardeners stories, plants and nature’s beauty and knowledge, showing details or perspectives, touching, smelling, thereby connecting guests to the gardens we visit.

Gardeners of our tours appreciate sharing their creations and are happy to chat if they are around. “We do our garden for ourselves of course, and it is nice when it receives more appreciation“, said one of the gardeners. There are some seedlings or extra plants for sale in some gardens of the tours.

For our guests, our tours are an inspiring, memorable experience (even life-changing for some!). “I loved the variety of gardens we visited today, lots of ideas to take home!” said Mary after a 3-garden tour.

If you are….

  • a local with visiting family and friends who love nature, gardening, outdoor living
  • a new local with a new garden to develop, looking for ideas and gardening knowledge (eg. what grows well in Alpine Lakes/Central Otago climate)
  • a social club or friends looking for a relaxing and uplifting group activity to remember
  • a visitor to Wānaka and wish to explore our area’s private outstanding gardens

… then you will enjoy our guided garden tours.

Book here

Contact Florence 02102792481 to arrange a guided garden tour
The pond, where we pause for morning tea

We visit 3 or 4 gardens every morning and 1 or 2 in the afternoons, with different gardens depending on the day of the week, always a variety and always beautiful! The tours include transport, a narrative and morning tea/afternoon snacks, from $59 to $135 per person. 

Booking is easy online or call Florence 02102792481 to arrange.

In addition to our daily tours, here is our programme of specialty tours:

Fri 11 to Mon 14 February: Valentine Tour, a most romantic date in Wanaka’ s charming private gardens. Chosen photo settings, introducing plant love symbols and their aphrodisiac properties. A choice of 1 to 4 gardens, a relaxing and fun experience to celebrate with your loved one.

Looking for heart shapes in gardens!

Sat 19 February: Food and Flower Tour, 2 produce related visits + 3-course meal&wine + 2 outstanding gardens guided tour, $135pp (2 seats left)

Sat 26 March: Garden photography tour, for photographers and nature lovers, visit aesthetically inspiring properties, taking our time to take photos, with photography tips, expert advice (TBC). Please contact Florence 02102792481 to register your interest. 

Sat 16 April: Arboretum Tour, visit three outstanding parks and arboretums, discover rare and beautiful deciduous trees and conifers growing in local private properties with narrative from dendrology specialist: an awesome interesting experience for tree lovers, at the peak of deciduous trees autumn colours. (TBC) Please register your interest. 

Friday 22 April: Food and Flower Tour, 2 produce related visits + 3-course meal&wine + 2 outstanding gardens guided tour, $135pp (1 seat left).

I am looking forward to meeting you on a garden tour. In the meantime, I’m sharing beautiful garden photos on Instagram and more on Facebook. I invite you to engage with us and share or subscribe to our website for news and specials. 

If you have received a gift voucher, remember to redeem it by the 30th April 2022. Call Florence to arrange on 02102792481.

Thank you for your interest in our Guided Garden Tours.

Here is the garden photo of the week for you right now!

Avalanche of colourful Asters

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