Regeneration and Sustainability

I have always explored relationships between humans and nature, studying, working and practicing environmental care. So when I created my guided garden tours business two years ago, I wanted it to sustain me AND to add value to my environment and community. So every Tuesday, I spend time for my business to be regenerative: “Regenerative Tuesdays”, I call it.


Resources funnel

On the left, resources and ecosystem services are declining, while demand and pressures increase. It creates a squeeze. It’s unsustainable, where we were before Covid.

In the middle, in a sustainable society: we stop extracting, accumulating and degrading, and we share. These are the four sustainable conditions as defined by The Natural Step.

On the right, once we are sustainable, we create ways to become regenerative. We improve, we restore nature and communities. Finding enhancing ways to do business is fun and rewarding.

Gardens at the core of the regeneration journey

Gardens are good for our health and mental health, they can provide food and resources, which minimises consumption, food kilometers and waste. Gardens enhance biodiversity, providing habitat and food for insects and birds. These factors help mitigating climate change. Gardens are enjoyed by passers-by, and within our business models, gardeners open their gardens to visitors for the joy of sharing, benefitting the community at large.

Gardens are like ourselves, or like home, they are where we make a difference, our sphere of influence, our action. Gardening is a bountiful and beautiful solution to many challenges of our times.

Beautiful Gardens of Wānaka Sustainability and Regeneration statement

We are proud to move beyond sustainability: we are regenerative, contributing more to the environment and community than we benefit from.

Here below are our latest stories about sustainability and regeneration.

WAO summit week

It was an honour to present to the community our Regenerative vision of Parks and Corridors that enhance biodiversity and…

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