About Us

Sharing the Love for Gardens and Nature

Born from the reflection times and the quiet hours spent deliciously in the garden during the covid-19 lockdown period last year, Beautiful Gardens of Wanaka started in October 2020, running tours twice a week.

In its second year, tours will run twice daily every day from October 2021 to April 2022.

Our garden tours business come from a genuine desire to share the beauty and joy of gardens and nature at large. Many gardeners enjoy sharing their love for gardening and the fruits (and flowers) of their application. Beautiful Gardens of Wanaka has allowed private gardeners to share their creations without necessarily needing to be involved with the business of guiding visitors.

We hope our guests will perceive and love the bounty gardens and nature so generously offer.

Our Values: Taking Care

Care for the Planet

Gardening is in itself caring and enhancing the land and biodiversity. Our business is regenerative intrisically.

From our hybrid van to packaging free snacks, we limit our negative impact (eg. oil extraction, waste) and maximise our contribution: tree planting, habitat creation and sharing the knowledge around these sustainable practices, in the garden and beyond.

Our values

Care for People

We develop relationships with fellow passionate gardeners, the generous people who share their stories and their gardens with us. They receive a contribution for each visitor.

We work with the community to foster biodiversity and meaningful tourism, from garden clubs to related tourism businesses and organisations.

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Care for Self

Life and work are one. Gardens is my passion, so sharing it with you in garden tours is easy and enjoyable. Learning more about plants, taking photos of gardens and the gardening itself of course, all nurture my work as a tour guide and the lives that we lead.

Most importantly, I love spending time in the garden, admiring plants and feeling grateful to nature. Sharing is my joy and purpose.


I offered a garden tour to my Mum and she was delighted. A memorable experience for her and a gift well-worth the value. I will be recommending you to every person I know looking for a great day out !

— Christina

I am extremely happy with our morning on a Garden Tour. Throughout the experience, our guide was knowledgeable, caring, and friendly. The diversity and caliber of gardens was an inspiration. Thank you.

— Don