Guided Garden Tour Season READY!

We are excited to introduce Beautiful Gardens of Wanaka new guided garden tours season starting in 2 weeks in our Wānaka area.

Two guided garden tours are scheduled daily,
from the 1st October 2021 until the 30th April 2022.
In our eco-friendly van,
we embark 2 to 7 participants
through a variety of 1 to 4 gardens in each tour,
all of which are outstanding private gardens!

During Covid Level 2, our tours are limited to one bubble (min 2 people)

We are hugely grateful to the 20 local gardeners who have agreed to share their slice of paradise with our visitors and we offer them admiration and benefits.

A passionate and caring guide, Florence shares stories of the gardeners and knowledge of plants and gardening. She invites guests to observe, feel, smell and listen, connecting them to the gardens visited and creating a rich memorable experience.

The unique activity is inspiring and informative, enjoyed by both locals and as a tourism attraction, a new, fun things-to-do in Wānaka, South Island, New Zealand. 

Developed as a regenerative tourism enterprise, the company intrinsically benefits the gardening community and is actively involved in the Wanaka Regenerative Tourism initiative.  

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Welcome to our amazing gardens

Looking forward to fabulous garden tours with you!

Contact us  to participate, to share welcomed comments and ideas, or for any further inquiries.

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