Beautiful Spring

The above images have all been taken recently in different gardens of our guided garden tours. Beautiful Gardens of Wānaka offers a unique beautiful and inspiring experience.

Every day, we organise a guided garden tour to 2 to 4 outstanding local gardens. We visit a variety of gardens, from magazine-looking, landmark, country style, urban, quirky or regenerative… Over the week, we feature 14 different private gardens and parks, all between Wānaka and Hawea. 

Every day of the week, tours feature different combinations of gardens, for an enriching varied awesome experience.

The experienced guide shares the gardeners’ stories, how they create their gardens, their vision; plants knowledge and gardening tips…

We talk about plants and we smell, admire, photograph and learn together. 

Small groups (max 7)
Discount from 4 participants
Daily departures

Tours include transport, refreshments and an informative narrative by passionate experienced guide and business owner operator Florence. 

I look forward to sharing all this garden beauty, knowledge and immersion experience with you.

Chatting about your gardens with a cup of tea and cake is one of the highlights of each tour. “

Many of our guests are locals and they really gain from the tours: 

– Explore hidden gems in your backyard, 

– Learn more for your own garden, 

– New to Wānaka? 

– Enjoy a unique immersion in garden and nature beauty

– Create a memorable outing with family or friends. Photos opportunities. Mother/Daughters dos are popular. Great gift vouchers. 

– Teammates end-of-year do or prizes.

November is the perfect time to enjoy rhodos and azaleas in our guided garden tours

– A relaxing and inspiring way to learn about gardening in our climate. 
– I like how the guide customized the visit to our interests. 
– We enjoyed meeting the gardeners, lovely!
– What I preferred? the variety of gardens visited!

Said guests after the tour

November is a perfect time to enjoy full spring garden beauty. Take a look at our social media below, follow our stunning photos of the gardens of the tours and watch nature bloom! 

To enjoy perfumes too, you can book:

  • 2-garden tour $95pp  (2 1/2hours)
  • 3-garden tour $125pp (3 1/2 or 4hours)  
  • 4-garden tour  $145pp (4 1/2 or 5hours) 

Choose your day and call Florence 021021792481 



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