WAO summit week

It was an honour to present to the community our Regenerative vision of Parks and Corridors that enhance biodiversity and community wellbeing/resilience (12 pages) in the panel “Living it” at the Back to Life hui Tuesday 26 October. It was well received and connections were made to explore further. Exciting times ahead!

The next day, I attended a Carbon Calculation workshop, led by Carly Green and David from EAS. I’ll know my number soon!

I understand some funding has been allocated to support companies to calculate their GHG emissions, learn how to reduce them and offset them (least preferred!). Action is hapenning!

As we celebrate the mighty LORAX 50th, I am honoured to contribute to a beautiful sustainable future.

I want to congratulate the WAO team for creating such a change-making event.
Thank you to all involved and participants too. So much good energy, goodwill, positive creation.

Let’s now implement all these beautiful regenerative climate responsible intentions 🌳 🚲 🌻 🌞

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