Guided Arboretums Visit, Saturday 16th October, 2-5pm

Join a small group of passionate tree lovers, learn, admire, immerse yourself as we visit three outstanding properties in Wanaka.

Meet local dendrologist Carolyn and hear tree stories and knowledge, a flow of inspiration!


Call Florence 02102792481 or visit

Will run for 2 to 7 participants. Saturday weather looks OK. We’ll go ahead anyway.

Tour includes transport, narrative and afternoon tea in one of the parks of the Tour.

Here a selection of beauty we’ll enjoy sharing with you!

Call Florence now 02102792481 for information or help with booking.

  • Book 4 seats for $350, 87.50pp
  • Book 5 seats for $400, $80pp
  • Book 6 seats for $450, $75pp
  • Book 7 seats for $490, $70pp
  • Students $25.50

We will visit 3 large private properties in Wānaka area, two established, one still in childhood. They are amaaaazing and in full spring show!

I look forward to it! Florence
We will see:
  • Beautiful cherry, apple, pear and crableapple blossoms
  • Impressive range of conifers, in spring they have amazing flowers and seeds
  • Many different dogwoods and maples trees, elms and other interesting often rare trees.
What you need

Sturdy Shoes, all weather gear

For more info and booking help, call Florence 02102792481

Book or call today!

“Saturday experience will be fabulous”

— Florence

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