Awe Walk in Wanaka Parks

On a beautiful balmy Saturday morning, we set out on our first Arboretum tour which was an absolute joy.

When is the last time you spent hours observing nature’s mighty creations that trees offer us? We did on Saturday and it left us in blissful awe!

“I loved it! I could do this everyday!”

said a guest on the way back.

So much diversity of shapes, colours, strategies to thrive with the collaboration of dedicated gardeners to nurture their growth over decades of care. So many names and stories. I am grateful to our expert guide who transforms a tree from a noun to an adjective by sharing her inspiring knowledge.

It was so good that we will now run this tour on demand, subject to our guides availability, for groups of minimum 4 to 6 people. Book a date and  we will endeavour to make it happen.

We admired cherry blossoms and dogwoods along with
many other flowering trees,  often inconspicuous until pointed out.

Amazing shapes, colours and arrangements of these tree leaves

Our expert guide named and described the wide array of conifers present in each arboretum. We marvelled at their flowers, symmetry, colours and exotic origins…

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