Introducing our Guide

Well-known for her community involvement for many things sustainable, Florence Micoud has a long experience and knowledge of gardening. For seven years, she worked as information manager for a French leading organic gardening company, producing a substantial magazine, publishing books and operating the visitor center,  Terre Vivante. Florence led many guided tours at this centre featuring stunning gardens, eco-building, renewable energy and sustainable opportunities. 

Florence has enjoyed gardening since her childhood, with Dad showing how to care for plants and Mum teaching how to use them. Over the years, she’s created dozens of vege gardens in the various rental properties she has lived in with her family.

Her deep interest in and love for nature, trees, birds and plants all converge in gardens. The idea of a garden tour for local and national visitors came from the deep joy she experienced in visiting stunning local gardens in Wanaka.

She’s looking forward to share her passion in Beautiful Gardens of Wanaka tours.

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