Guests Feedback is beautiful, thank you

FLORENCE THANKS so much for a most excellent, enjoyable, engaging & educational garden tour today. 

l enjoyed every moment & your informative commentary.

A really great way to see hidden gems of Wanaka. Sincerely.

From a guest from the Bay of Plenty. 


Thank you for your warm words and lovely icons series, I enjoyed the day in the gardens with you too, admiting and sharing knowledge.

From a guest who organised a family outing…

Thank you very much for the lovely outing yesterday, Florence.
My niece told me she enjoyed it much more than she expected. 

It would be great to see some of your other gardens, one day. I really appreciated your prompt and accommodating communication. 

All the best with your business

What a great memorable family outing, thank you for organising. It was nice to see your enjoyment. It will be a pleasure to see you again on another tour
🌺 Florence

Beautiful flowers, designs and nature
in the Thursday guided garden tour

Treat yourself and your loved to a guided garden tour, to enjoy the smells, the beautiful, enriching and relaxing atmosphere, the immersion in beautiful gardens, creating long-lasting memories, sure to delight!

For tours and gift vouchers information and booking,
call Florence 02102792481 or book directly on our secure online platform.

Thank you for your reviews, I welcome, deeply appreciate and improve with your comments.

It’s my honour and joy to share all this garden beauty with guests, running daily in some of the 14 different outstanding private gardens. I love it!

Florence, Beautiful Gardens of Wānaka owner operator

One thought on “Guests Feedback is beautiful, thank you

  1. Love your feedback. It must be so rewarding. You do a great job. I was privileged to be part of your tour. Joy

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