Garden Tours in Hibernation

Like gardens, our garden tours are having a break in winter and will resume with spring in October.

Like in gardens, winter is the occasion to reflect on the season, sharpen the tools and prepare for the next.

Wonderful Season

For a new business in the covid-era, we did pretty well! We ran 20 gardens tours and redistributed more than $1100 to participating gardeners.

Wonderful feedback

Most importantly, every guest enjoyed their tour, loved all the gardens and appreciated the stories and knowledge shared with them.

I certainly loved it, I love gardens, plants, trees, wildlife and gardening, so sharing my passion is easy and always a pleasure.

 Beautiful Michaelmas daisy seeds.
Time to harvest, dry, label and store seeds
Beautiful form and lace of branches and stems on a claret ash bare of leaf

Season 2021-22 preparation

New tours, new gardens

We are designing a new programme of garden tours, with more local gardens to visit, particularly small ones. Is your garden is beautiful? Here is the opportunity to share your love for gardening.

Would you consider allowing a small group to walk through your garden with a guide sharing your story, in exchange of a donation per guest?

Do you know other beautiful gardens in the area we could include in this new inspiring visitors experience in Wanaka?

Please contact us here.

Improving and sharing our content

We are constantly learning and sharing our garden and plant knowledge with our visitors, on our website and via our social media outlets.

Follow us on Facebook for news on our garden tours and services, for local information on gardening and plants, for garden snippets and for connecting with garden lovers.

We share garden and plants beauty on our Instagram. Feel free to contribute too.

Working with the community

We love to develop relationships with gardeners and with community garden/plants groups.

We also liaise with local related tourism operators to contribute to widen the activities on offer in Upper-Clutha.

Our social entreprise intrisic value is to be regenerative. More on that soon…

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