Specialty Tours

We organise garden tours on special themes eg. edible gardens, arboretums, food production, natives gardens etc. These specialty tours will only run 3 or 4 times a year. 

Cost: Variable ($85 to $124 per person) which includes transport, morning tea and informative narrative.

Scheduled tours will run rain or shine. No dogs.


Visit two arboretums in the Wanaka area with Carolyn Schwarz, Dendrology Society member and passionate local tree advocate.

In this tour, we see conifers and deciduous from all over the world in various stages of their growth. Carolyn will show how to identify them, tell stories, planting and care tips and share her knowledge and love for trees.

Read our first arboretum tour story here

On demand for 3 to 6 participants

Call 02102792481 to arrange.

Flax and cabbage trees in gardens


Coming up this summer: a tour showing the use of native trees and plants in gardens.

Call 02102792481 to inquire.


Coming up this summer: a tour to identify all the edible plants in our gardens, from the obvious (like nasturtium, borage, calendula, violas and roses) to the “weeds” (like dandelions, chickweed, plantago) and to garden centres basics (like fuchsias, juniper whose berries can be eaten) and much more…

Also in the pipeline: a tour to learn how to grow fruits and veges in our climate.

Call 02102792481 to inquire