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WAO summit week

I’ll present our Regenerative vision to the community at the Back to Life hui Tuesday 26 October. Exciting times ahead! Lots of awesome events during WAO summit! Thank you WAO Team for creating this!

Wondering what to do for this year’s End-of-Year Staff or Club Do?

Why not put together a group for a Guided Garden Tour with your Team for a fabulous unique activity in Wānaka – a wonderful guided garden tour of some of the most exquisite private gardens in Wānaka! A visit to TWO outstanding private gardens in the Wānaka area You choose the day – morning, afternoonContinue reading “Wondering what to do for this year’s End-of-Year Staff or Club Do?”

Guided Arboretums Visit, Saturday 16th October, 2-5pm, $95pp

Join a small group of passionate tree lovers, learn, admire, immerse yourself as we visit three outstanding properties in Wanaka. Meet local dendrologist Carolyn and hear tree stories and knowledge, a flow of inspiration! Call Florence 02102792481 or visit Will run for 2 to 7 participants. Saturday weather looks OK. We’ll go ahead anyway.Continue reading “Guided Arboretums Visit, Saturday 16th October, 2-5pm, $95pp”

Father’s Day gift voucher

Spoil a Dad with a guided garden tour gift voucher from $59. Sure to create a memorable experience, the voucher will be in your inbox in minutes.

Suebri Gardens & Art

Suebri gardens in Wanaka are peppered with interesting artworks done by Brian with simple everyday things. We have the pleasure and honour to visit Suebri gardens as part of our garden tours. The cottage gallery presents a range of paintings of landscapes and rural New Zealand.  Contact Brian on 03 443 7089 for viewing and sales.


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