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Invitation to gardeners

Do you have an OUTSTANDING GARDEN?  Any size, small or large, rambling, quirky or botanical… Here is your opportunity to share the love and beauty you have created with Beautiful Gardens of Wanaka, who are offering small groups of visitors and locals informative guided tours throughout the growing seasons.  Now preparing our second year ofContinue reading “Invitation to gardeners”

Happy guests

All our garden tour guests have been consistently happy and impressed.

They share their feedback here…

Orchard tour

Learn how to grow and care for your orchard in Wanaka, Saturday 10th April 1-5pm. We will visit three orchards at various stages of their maturity with their owners and hear about how they manage their fruit trees in our region. A tree pruning specialist will show us how to prune on two different trees,Continue reading “Orchard tour”

Easter Arboretum Tour

We have secured knowledgeable and passionate dendrology local specialists to guide us through our arboretum tour on Easter Saturday. We’ll see conifers and deciduous from all over the world in various stages of their growth. Our expert guides will show how to identify them, tell stories, planting and care tips and share their knowledge andContinue reading “Easter Arboretum Tour”

Valentine Special Garden Tour

We will learn about the healing and aphrodisiac qualities of many plants, as well as admiring flowers, trees and landscapes lovingly created by passionate gardeners. We will hear how the love of gardens created these chosen environments and admire the profusion of nature’s handiwork. And then we will take photos of you in spectacular romantic settings.Continue reading “Valentine Special Garden Tour”

Christmas Lilies and many others

They are out to bring joy, colour and delicious scents to all gardens “tis the Season“, thank you lilies! The first Garden Tour of the Summer season is on Sunday and every Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays thereafter. Book or gift a garden tour here to enjoy all these Lilies and many more summer beauties.


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