Beautiful Xmas Gift 🎄

Treat your Loved Ones to a guided garden tour gift voucher for Christmas

Sure to delight, great for family and visitors. Many choose to join the tour too, making the day a memorable experience together. Fabulous.

Daily departure. Photos opportunities. Informative Narrative. Transport, refreshments incl.

$95-$145 – 2 to 4 gardens

Norwegian spruce, often used as Christmas-tree
Guests enjoying roses smell in a guided garden tour.
Scabiosa, one of the many beautiful summer flowers in the gardens of the tours.

Looking forward to sharing a beautiful garden experience with you and your loved ones, always a joy!

Florence, garden tour guide, owner operator of Beautiful Gardens of Wānaka.

We run tours every day from October 2022 to April 2023 along the following timetable, with a different set of gardens scheduled every day.
We close only on these special red days.

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